2021 Honda Insight Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


It is the Honda Insight is a hybrid that is fuel efficient and appears and performs like a standard compact sedan. It has numerous components with the renowned Honda Civic sedan, and offers a similar enjoyable driving experience as well as a spacious, functional interior. The main difference is Insight’s hybrid system that combines two electric motors that provide energy in a different method in order to increase efficiency. The hybrid system is smooth in normal driving, but it may occasionally sound a bit loud when you accelerate hard. The Insight’s modest cost in comparison to the Civic and its excellent fuel efficiency make it an excellent choice.

What’s New for 2021?

In lieu that of LaneWatch rear-facing camera, which was offered for EX or Touring variants In 2021, the Insight comes with a standard blind-spot monitor. It lights up a warning light whenever it detects something that is within the vehicle’s blind spot to either side, where the older LaneWatch system offered only an image of blind spots from one side of the driver. The new color is known as Radiant Red metallic.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

The Honda Insight’s middle-of-the-road EX trim is loaded with plenty of basic features and provides the highest value-for-money ratio. It’s not leather-appointed as the Touring but it comes with desirable extras like a bigger screen for infotainment remote start, as well as proximity-key entry.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Insight is more adept than many hybrids in managing spry acceleration and a mediocre consumption. It’s as fast as traditional compact cars, and a lot faster than hybrid rivals we’ve examined. The combination of a gasoline engine and electric motors produces an impressive 151 horsepower which propels the Insight from 0 to 60 speed with just 7.7 seconds. It can operate on the electric motor by itself for approximately one mile at slower speeds. However, you can request rapid acceleration and gas engine begin to kick in smoothly. It is possible to hear the engine getting louder under accelerations that are hard However, the Insight’s engine is a smooth and quiet. The Insight is a very enjoyable car to drive. It’s quiet, comfy and refined and handles with confidence. It’s not surprising, given that it’s mechanically like that of the Civic automobile, which has these characteristics. While it’s not particularly sporty Insight is a good choice for those who want to be. Insight offers a smooth ride and a solid handling. The suspension is soft and absorbs bumps with ease and its quick steering allows it to change directions quickly. The reliable and progressive brake pedal of the Insight has a little bit of the noise that is common to brakes in other hybrids. The brakes in the Insight are as solid as a conventional gas-powered vehicle’s.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

Honda offers two distinct EPA scores for the Insight that are 55 mpg in the in the city, and 49 highway for smaller LX as well as EX trims. The ratings are 50 city, 45 highway in the Insight Touring model, which is more well-equipped and has larger wheels. The three Insight models are only a couple of miles below that of Toyota Prius and the Hyundai Ioniq’s EPA ratings. However, it is worth noting that the Insight Touring achieved 47 mpg during our road test two mpg more over the EPA rating. Drivers who are more involved on stop-and-go routes can anticipate more efficient results. Hybrids tend to be more efficient when driving in city conditions than when driving on the highway.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Interior features and the materials are good balance between the bargain basement and the premium. The Insight is a little more luxurious than the similar Civic It also is a good choice compared to hybrids. A digital gauge that you can customize on the instrument panel could provide a range of information such as fuel-efficiency data and speed limit info. It’s a low seat in the Insight’s seats in the front, but there’s plenty of room for you to extend your legs. A lumbar support adjustment is missing on the front seat however, which is a bit disappointing. The rear seats are spacious and have plenty of space to accommodate two people. The battery pack in the Insight is underneath the rear seat and does not affect the cargo capacity or anything else The rear seats fold flat to fit larger objects. Many of the Honda’s rivals are hatchbacks, but the Insight is a standard sedan that comes with a trunk, which allows them to hold more things and their larger storage areas are easy to carry. The Insight is equipped with a functional and adjustable center console, which can accommodate many personal belongings. There are also bins that are located in the area for cargo.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Honda’s infotainment software has an essentially modern and user-friendly interface. We’re happy that it includes the volume knob. However, certain menus may be a bit complex and there’s no tuning knob not present. Its base 5.0-inch screen on the lower trim Insight LX is a fairly basic display, with no SiriusXM satellite radio. But at the very least it’s easy to use. Its EX as well as the Touring versions come with an even larger 8.0-inch touchscreen that comes with a variety of features that include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphones, as well as integrated navigation.

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